The United Kingdom proudly holds the title of birthplace of rallycross racing. It was here, at the Lydden Circuit in the Southeastern part of the country, that rallycross got its start. Originally conceived for the entertainment of ABC television audiences, the inaugural race on February 4, 1967 received such acclaim that the sport morphed into the major sporting phenomena it is today. By 1969, the sport had made its way to the rest of Europe via introduction in the Netherlands. That same year, it made its way Down Under, where it soon found an Australian fan base. European-style rally events didn’t make their way to the U.S. until 2009, when Rally America imported the sport, hosting the inaugural season of the RallyCar RallyCross Championship. In recent years, the sport has become more mainstream with greater exposure through both the X-Games and the Red Bull Global RallyCross Championship.

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