Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Auto Insurance

Purchasing auto insurance is an important element of being a vehicle owner. How do you purchase the best auto insurance for your individual needs? What insurance will cover you and your family the best? These are important questions to consider when you are choosing a new auto insurance company. It’s difficult with so many options to select from. There are also so many different variables within the insurance industry to consider. Which levels do you need? What deductibles are going to work? How can I be sure I will be covered in the event my vehicle is totaled?

Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you purchase auto insurance.



A deductible is an out of pocket expense you pay before insurance assumes the rest of the cost. What is the deductible for my auto insurance? Is it $500 for comprehensive and collision? Is it $100 or $0? A lower deductible means you will pay less out of your own bank account when you are involved in an accident.


Will I Have A Local Agent To Speak With

It might be important to you to have someone to contact when things go wrong. You might want to have a local agent you can have conversations with about your insurance. What about if something changes? You may need to add a new vehicle to the plan. Are you going to be on the phone for hours or can you stop by a local office? Can you talk to somebody one on one? This could be something that truly matters to you.


Towing and Road Side Service

Does the auto insurance come with free towing and roadside service in the event you break down? This is an added benefit that can certainly help you in those rare emergencies. It may cost extra, or it might just come with the insurance. You probably don’t want to pay for your own towing bill if something does happen.


Insurance Levels

Are my insurance levels enough in case I have an accident? Will the levels be adequate to cover my vehicle and another? Many people opt for the state minimum insurance. The only issue is many accidents leave way more damage than that. It’s good to have an in-depth conversation with your new agent about which levels you need. 100/300 is a safe bet, but you may desire more.


Discounts With Home/Renter/Life Policy

Maybe you need several new insurance policies. Did you know most insurance companies offer discounts when you combine home, auto, and life? Most also give a discount when you combine any two of the three. It’s important to see which insurance companies offer the best discounts. You ultimately want to save money.



You also want to go with an insurance company that has a strong reputation. There are several publications that rank insurance companies on variables like customer satisfaction. It may be important for you to do a little research before you make an actual decision. You want to make sure the insurance company you choose isn’t cutting corners with other customers.


These are just a few of the things you can keep in mind when choosing your next insurance plan. The key is to ask relevant questions about how your individual needs will be covered.

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