Biggest Rallycross Races in the World

Rallycross is a newer concept in the world of auto racing. Though not as famous as NASCAR or Formula 1, RallyCross has been growing in popularity among an international fan base who enjoy this exciting sprint style of racing. Similar to other forms of racing, RallyCross features teams of drivers and mechanics, but there are

RallyCross and Other Forms of Auto Racing

Today’s auto racing and RallyCross events attract a lot of enthusiastic fans. From the drivers to the cars themselves, car racing enthusiasts pride themselves on being well-informed about their sport. If you’re a die-hard auto racing fan, impress your friends by sharing some of these fascinating and fun facts about the development of RallyCross and

7 Reasons to Love the Sport of RallyCross

Sports bring us together and give us something to be collectively excited about. RallyCross, while a newer sport, is no exception. Road and Track likens this fast-paced motorsport to “bare-knuckle boxing, on ice-skates, but with rally cars”. If that isn’t enough to convince you to start watching, here are seven more reasons to love the